How to import a CSV file into Palm's address book:

Let's say I have an Excel spreadsheet on file or I've created one:

You'll need to save it in CSV format:

  1. Select File -> Save As...

  2. In the Save As dialog box you will need to go to the Save as type: drop-down list and select "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)"

  3. Save the file (you can name it PalmAddress.csv). You'll most likely get this error, ignore it and click [OK]:

  4. You may also get this error message. Ignore it and press [Yes]:

Now go into your palm Desktop software. Select File -> Import...

Again, under the "Files of type:" select "Comma Separated (*.csv, *.txt)" and open the file you just saved (PalmAddress.csv).

You should see a window similar to this (if you are running the same version of Palm Desktop - this is version 3.1)

Follow the directions to match up the available fields in your CSV file. After aligning them, my window now looks like this:

Press the [OK] button and Viola!

Note: Your heading will appear as an address record in your palm. Just remove it. It is nice to have during the import though.