Hopefully this document should help those who are trying to convert Ensigns to Plucker using JPluck X. This assumes that you have used Plucker & JPluck before and both are installed on your computer. I used M$ Internet Explorer v6 on Windows XP for the example screenshots. The example below shows how to convert the November 2003 (Conference Report) issue.

Click Here to Download the November 2003 Ensign in Plucker Format

The Steps
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  1. ** If this is your first time using JPluck, you may want to configure the preferences (File -> Preferences) to select where you would like the document to be created.

  2. Go to LDS.org and click on the Gospel Library link.

  3. Under Church Publications, click the HTML link.

  4. Click to plus (+) to expand Magazines.

  5. Click the plus to expand Ensign.

  6. Click the plus to expand 2003.

  7. Right click on Ensign November 2003, Select Open in New Window.

  8. Go up to the address bar and remove everything after the last .htm. Hit Enter.

  9. This may change the format of the page a bit, but you should still be at the same place. The address should be:
  10. Go up to your address bar. Highlight the address. Right click the address and select Copy to copy the link to your clipboard (or hit Ctrl+C).

  11. Open JPluck X (This was written using version 2.0.4) and create a new document.

  12. From the file menu, select Document -> Add... (or hit the [Insert] key).

  13. Select Add New Site and click [OK]

  14. On the Main tab, type a title for your document. Tab to the URL field and hit Ctrl+V to paste the link you copied above as the new URL. Set the Max. Depth to 1.

  15. If you want to include images of the General Authorities, switch to the Formatting tab and select you quality of image you would like (the greater the quality, the bigger the file). Check the Convert Now checkbox and click [OK].

  16. Conversion should begin. The file will be placed in the location you have specified in JPluck X. It may take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection. Feel free to browse the LDS PDA community at LDSPDA.com!

Click Here to Download the November 2003 Ensign in Plucker Format