It took a while to find a tool that I could (easily) pick up and learn to program on the Palm. At the time I was looking, my programming experience was mostly VB and JavaScript.

Every Palm app I have released has been built using NSBasic. For the whole story, see

If you are using NSBasic and have any questions on how I did a particular thing let me know and maybe I can post it here for you. There is a yahoo discussion group for NSBasic that was a great source of learning for me.

I'm currently trying to learn to program on the Palm using C because it creates faster executing applications and smaller .prc files - in my opinion, both are ESSENTIAL for the Palm.

I'm starting by re-writing Minutes (with more customizable features). I'm using the GCC compiler with PilRC and all the works. It's all free. If you decide to go this route, let me know if you need help getting it all set up. I'll do my best to help. It took me quite a while to figure it out - even with a book (Palm OS Programming 2nd ed.)

I've created a page with some functions I've written. I haven't yet added them all. It is my hopes that these will provide useful guides for those looking to do something similar - and also that a better programmer can "fix" them if needed. Functions Home.