The following are programs I have (currently or in the past) installed on my Palm. It changes often due to available memory. I have a PalmIIIc with 8M or RAM.

*Applications listed in gray are ones I have uninstalled for one reason or another.

Category Application Description
Games FreeCell My favorite and most used game. This is registered through Electron Hut. I currently have a winning streak of 698 games - with no losses. I'm just trying to prove the theory that it is possible to win every game! :)
Gammon (Backgammon) This was fun for a few days. I'll probably remove it soon.
Klondike (Solitaire) Registered through Electron Hut. This used to be my wife's favorite game - until she found PocketBo. This is probably the most used by anyone just wanted to "look" at my Palm :)
PocketBo My wife and I love Skip-Bo. Now we just play it on the Palm. This was developed by Calvin Gaisford - who also wrote Ward List. He's an awesome programmer! I wish I had his skills. I was fortunate to be able to just trade registrations numbers - I guess a perk of being a programmer. :)
VideoPocker I found this on Electron Hut. Once my demo expires it will be gone...
PocketChess I'm not much into chess. Video chess is always too hard for me :(
Checkers ...But not checkers. I could win every time, until it kept crashing my Palm. I got tired of all the hard resets so I haven't bothered to replace it.
Roids This is a fun Asteroids clone to play during boring lectures at school.
Main Address Palm Address Book
Calc Palm Calculator - this is handy to use each week as I count people in Sacrament meeting. I just count a row and hit [M+] then read my memory when I'm done for the final count. Then I place the number in MIStats for safe, long-term storage. :) <shameless freeware plug>
Date Book Palm's date book. I used to have this synced to Lotus Notes - Lotus keeps screwing everything up though. I HATE LOTUS NOTES!!! But there's not much I can do about it.
Expense I used this once on a business trip :)
Mail Don't use - don't plan to...
Memo Pad Palm's Memo pad - very useful
To Do List Okay, I'm come up with this Palmism, "You know you're a Palmaholic when your main motivation for doing anything is to get it off your To Do List!"
Personal CSpotRun Great Freeware doc reader. See PalmLDS for other great doc tools.
Due Yesterday This is the only software I've tried related to organizing my college class schedules and homework. I love it! I haven't had any reason to look for anything else. It is FREE! There is also a desktop application to sync with.
HandyShopper There seems to be some sort of cult following for this great freeware product - Apparently it's more than just a grocery shopping tool.
HVTC I don't use this, but I wrote it...
HVTracker I use this to keep track of my Home Teaching.
Minutes Useful tool for taking any type of Church meeting minutes. I currently trying to re-write this is C. It's quite a learning curve for me though.
MIStats I'm a statistical ward clerk so I wrote this to keep track of all my quarterly info.
Pros & Cons I couldn't decide which type of computer to purchase so I wrote this program. It told be to buy from Totally Awesome...
Mark My Scriptures I use this to read and mark all my standard works. Great program. Worth the registration. I also use MMSWeb. See for more info...
Ward List Awesome program created by Calvin Gaisford for viewing MIS information. Very fast and well designed. As of now it is still freeware as far as I know. See
LDS Trivia I wrote most of the questions here so I don't find this too intriguing.
AvantGo I used to use this a lot for reading web pages on my Palm.
System HotSync Essential
HVTGetKey Generates HVTracker registration keys :)
HVTCGetKey Generates HVTCoordinator registrations keys :)
Welcome Your basic welcome program
Z'Catalog Zarf Catalog - great freeware program to do some advance file viewing and manipulation. I needed this to fix some Lotus EasySync problems.
Utilities Keyboard I have a portable keyboard I use for taking notes in school.
Unfiled Stylus I don't think this will be here long. Just a funny program I found on